Leg1 Icefield Parkway

We will post some paragraphs during the trip. Sorry we can't type in Chinese, but we still want to share what we feel with you. These paragraphs may be just a few words or longer stories. Please also visit our cyber album for this trip: 2007 Canada bicycle tour
Those pictures are telling stories and our feelings, too.

May 22
Taiwan - Hong Kong - Vancouver

We're now in Vancouver and will take the train to Jasper this afternoon and begin our bicycle tour from there on. The flight delay provide us a chance to take a rest in HK and since it's Hong Kong, we ate a lot and hence stored more energy in our body :)

Thanks so much for all your encouragements, we appreciate them very much. I now know how 志偉 feels when he said :"I can't make it without youur standing behind me and supports."

We'll try to update this blog if possible during the trip so that we can share what we see and feel to all of you.
Thanks again!

Thomas & Iris

May 25
Vancouver - Jasper

Dear all,

We're now in Jasper Hostel, and there is free internet service so that I can upload some photos to the cyber album. Please

visit this website:


I'm so glad that we can share what we've experienced with you through these photos and we'll update the album once we're

able to do it.

It's early morning and the temperature is -7.

We're ready to begin our first riding day. Fortunately there is sunshine and I think it will be much warmer during daytime.

May the force be with us...

June 3
Jasper - Icefield Parkway - Lake Louis

Dear all,

We're now in Lake Louise and have finished the Icefield Parkway. It's really amazing and breathtaking. We experienced the simple
and natural life style in the rustic "wilderness hostel" and campsite along the parkway. We also met many friendly and warm
people who open their hearts to us.

It's like in another world in the past week and a little bit unreal. We experienced snow, ice, freezing wind ,hot sun, winter
and summer, as well as endless alpines and many wildlifes. We've learned that all we need to maintain the life come from the
nature, be it the water from the creeks that cleans and feeds our body, or the beautiful scens and stunning landscapes that
murish our spirit. We've also learned to respect all things, cherish all things and realized that evry material comforts we
used to have are so precious and we should not take it for granted.

We're fine and enjoying the trip very much. We're also getting used to pedaling the heavy bike as days go by. When we were in
Jasper, we had the chance to upload some photos to the cyber album before we began the cycling.

It's so good that we can share what we've experienced through these photos. There was no internet during the last few days,
and we will update the photos once we're able to do it.

We're so glad that we've survived! ..... so far.

Thanks for all your encourages, especially for 洪川, since we're inspired and encouraged by your bicycle adventures, hope you
also have a pleasant and safe ride!

Thomas & Iris

June 9
Lake louis - Banff - Canmore - Calgary

Dear all,

We're in Calgary now, a big city on the west end of the Prairie (you can find it in Google Map). After Lake
Louis, we went south to Banff and then began heading east to Clagary and leave the mountain area. It's very
impressive when we were between the mountains and the flat prarie, there were white alpines when we looked
back, and when we look ahead, it's small hills, plains and endless sky. I think this is what we'd like to
see, the vast landscapes in a big nothern country.

We're going to stay mainly in campgrounds rather than hostels when we're in the mountains. The campground is
very nice and comfortable here in Canada, and it's very easy to find. Food is also not a problem, we can
feed ourselves with lot of delicious food.

I hope I can upload the photos as soon as possible, since we took tons of pictures!

Thomas & Iris

(Photos will be coming soon...)

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